Sometimes we have it in our heads that we are limited, that there are certain things we just can’t (or wouldn’t) do, that we need help. It’s not that these things aren’t true, but I’m aware – in a new way today – how often I’ve talked myself into levels of belief about my own capacity (or lack thereof) that just aren’t true.

In reality, I walk around blind to what is true about me – and keep others blind to who I truly am.

OK…maybe I’m pushing the metaphor a bit, but today I did something I’ve never done before: I hung mini blinds. I’m on a rampage to get rid of all those white 1-inch metal things and replace them with anything else. I decided to head to Lowe’s and see if there were pre-cut, semi-decent
oak blinds that I could install myself in my kitchen. Well, the oak cost a lot more money than I wanted to spend and so I settled for some woven bamboo that’s fabulous!

I came back home and dove into figuring out how to get the old blinds down. That done in relatively short order, I headed into the re-install process with a confidence that could not be daunted. A couple of crooked screws and one screw head actually broken off were the only fatalities.

I now have two new blinds hung – on the kitchen door and on the large window. They are a perfect match for the oak floors and cabinetry, and best of all: I did it myself!

It’s a small thing, I know, but it speaks loud to me: I don’t need to be blinded by what I think I cannot do. I need to open up the blinds (or hang them) and see myself for who I truly am.

‘Any home-improvement projects you need me to take on?