I am committed to any and everything I can do, offer, and invite,
on behalf of the story and life you desire and deserve to live.

Every week I write to and for you

It is one of my very favorite things to do—collate and curate my thoughts, my ideas, my questions, and my heart—all on your behalf. Stories. Wisdom. Perspective. Some rants from time-to-time. All of it is designed to encourage, compel, even provoke. And every once in a while I fill you in on what I’m reading, watching, listening to, even embroidering, knitting, or baking! Every Sunday. From my heart to yours.

My Book

Rewriting Eve: Rescuing Women’s Stories from the Bible and Reclaiming them as Our Own is now available wherever books are sold. Paperback. Ebook. Audio.

Work with Me

Spiritual Direction and Coaching

This is my greatest love: being in conversation with you. But more important than what I love is what you need and deserve. It matters: talking about your story, your challenges, your desires, the stuff that gets in the way, and all that you long to move through and transform as you step ever-more fully into all your wisdom, beauty, and strength. Ahhhhh.

I’ve been working with women 1:1 for 15+ years now. Rich conversations. Sacred conversations. Thought partnership. Guidance. Advocacy. Not *just* coaching, but the something more you’ve been looking for, waiting for, trusting in.

Go deeper. More honesty, vulnerability . . . and strength. Step into the story and life you KNOW is yours.

Sacred Readings

I draw a card from the deck I’ve created.

The woman, her story, and her unique wisdom will be perfect for you. It’s a lot to promise, but every. single. time. that has been the case – for me and the 1000’s of women to whom I’ve provided Sacred Readings over the years.

Your Sacred Reading is perfect . . . for you. She is. All the wisdom, grace, and advocacy you desire and deserve.

The Sacred Muse: an Intuitive Wisdom Card Deck

Mmmmm. All the women. All the stories. All the brilliance. And so much more.

The Sacred Muse Deck contains 52 women: saints, mystics, priestesses, rebels, trailblazers, and brave-and-beautiful souls who are an integral part of your sacred matrilineal line.

When they are welcomed as mentors and guides, you are able to step into the story, strength, and sovereignty that have always been yours.