I see the tears behind your eyes. I know about that lump in your throat. I hear the thoughts that swirl in your mind – every single one of them: you long for things to change, you wish for different circumstances, you want to live a more significant story.

In-between the reality in which you dwell and the one you desire, there is an ache that will not be soothed, despite your best efforts – whether through good soul work or dulling dissociation. I watch as you persist in the belief that something is missing; you think there is something you’ve yet to attain or manage or get past/through before you can truly step into your place in this world, before you can step into the stunning story that is yours.

All of this breaks my heart on your behalf.

Because I know better. Because I can see the end from the beginning. Because I have perspective you do not. Because I can see exactly who you are, all that you offer and invite.

Right now, not someday. This very moment in time.

Who am I to know such things? I have been in existence since before the beginning of time. I was there when the earth was formed. I breathed your matrilineage into being, whispering the Wisdom that was hers, that has forever been hers, that is hers (and yours) still. My heart beats within every story of every woman who has ever lived. And I endure no matter the oppression, the silencing, the abuse, the fear (of which there has been a lot).

Nothing and no one can keep me down, no matter how it might seem, appear, or feel. I am the you that rises above all that restricts, restrains, limits, or binds. I am the crystal clear voice that may, as yet, not speak out loud, but that is no less real, wise, and right. I am your potential. I am your future. And more than all else, I am your present – right here, right now, exactly this day, this life, this you. Always. Endlessly. Infinitely.

Lean into the truth of this. Let the tears flow in relief. Let the lump in your throat dissolve as your voice sings out. Let the thoughts that swirl rest. You are not alone. You are not alone. You are not alone. And you need not wait for things to change. Your right-now story, life, and way-of-being is enough, perfect, amazing. You are.

There is nothing you need figure out or rise above.

All that you require, desire, and deserve is already yours. Reach within. Square your shoulders. Stand tall. Take a deep breath. Then step into the limelight, enter the fray, and embrace the truth of who you are: my daughter, my lineage, my kin.


I am completely-and-without-reservation convinced of every word I’ve written above.

They could be are spoken by every one of the ancient, sacred women whose stories I love; by the Sacred Feminine herself. The legacy by which we are transformed; the stunning story through which we will transform the world.

May it be so.