Wisdom seeking is difficult because, as Martha Nussbaum has written, “Knowing can be violent, given the truths that are there to be known.” What this means for us is that in order to live on wisdom’s path, we will have to give up the illusion of safety. If we try to secure our safety, we will continually be doomed to dwell in fields of hesitation, stalled in neutral, forever wavering in the wind. ~ From Chasing Sophia, by Lillian Calles Barger

In this place, this time, this world, where do we turn for wisdom?

There are many places, many voices, many sources to be sure. And some are better than others. The one I encourage (and the one I work to rely upon myself)? The wisdom that’s yours! That know-that-you-know-that-you-know voice within that sometimes whispers, sometimes shouts, and is always speaking.

How do I know? And how can you trust that this is so, that what you hear is reliable, trustworthy, and true?

Enter Sophia.

Wisdom Herself. Present at all times. The word itself that’s used to define and describe such knowing in the Sacred Text. And yes, a woman.

She’s one of the 52 stories I reimagine, retell, and redeem through SacredReadings. And it’s possible that She is the one who will choose you for 2019 and beyond.

Believe me: no matter who shows up on your behalf, whether Sophia or not, the wisdom (and encouragement and blessing and hope) within will speak perfectly and poignantly to and for you. I promise. How and why can I do such a thing? Because their wisdom (and encouragement and blessing and hope) continue to speak to me – over and over again.

And what I’ve come to realize is this:

These ancient, sacred stories of women are in our blood – longing to be heard and everpresent – offering us all the wisdom we desire and deserve. They are our matrlineal line and birthright. They are yours.