Still no news on my stolen car. Frustrating, yes, but that emotion has been offset by the stunning and unexpected generosity of one of my dearest friends.

She GAVE me a car!

She called randomly that morning just to see how I was doing – the day I went outside and found nothing. I said, “Well, I’ve had better days.” Our conversation continued and after she expressed her rage and indignation she said, “OK…we have a car that I was about to donate to the church. We have two others and don’t need this one. It’s just been sitting in the garage for the last four months. I was planning to give it to a needy family. You can have it.”

Who knew I’d be the needy family?!?

Tomorrow I’ll go to the DMV and get the title switched, the tabs renewed, and the insurance instated on my policy. I’ll also take it to a repair shop to have it looked over – just to see what needs to be done.

I’ve been thinking: as much as I desire to be in control, even though I know I’m not, it might be that I don’t really want to trust that the Divine, the Sacred is actually in control. I’m not always certain that I can depend on such; that were I to let go of control (holding on the illustion that I have it in the first place) things might not go the way I want.

But here’s the thing: when my life is the most out of control is when the Divine chooses to show up, miracles occur, and I am reminded that I’m seen, heard, and cared for – in stunning ways…with unexpected generostiy.

I don’t want any more stolen cars, but I do want eyes that see, ears that hear, and a heart that anticipates the Divine-made-manifest, incarnated really, all around me, all the time.