Verse #1: There is good news.

Nothing about you is broken. Nothing about you is wrong. Nothing about you needs fixing or undoing or redoing. Nothing about you requires that you look over your shoulder, wonder how someone else feels, or worry what others will say. Nothing about what you long for, want, or desire is bad.

Verse #2: There is more good news (or, Verse #1 stated in reverse).

You are whole. You are right. You are together and strong and ready. You can look forward, pay attention to the head on your own shoulders and the heart between. You can state your truth no matter what. Everything you long for, want, and desire is good.

Verse #3: Since Verses 1 and 2 are true, then this is, as well:

Risk boldly. Reach beyond. Drink deep. Step up. Speak out. Press on. Lean in. Dare greatly. Love deeply. Sing loudly. Dance wildly. Express passion. Create with abandon. Leave things behind. Explore new territory. You’re not alone. Expect the sacred. Hold nothing back. Nothing and no one can stop you.

The Refrain: May it be so.


I wrote this post back in 2014. It’s just as applicable now, yes? At least it is for me!!)