Ronna’s gift runs deep. My Reading created a monumental shift in every aspect of my being – from the physical to the spiritual and everything in between. And if that wasn’t enough, her genuine warmth and love created a beautiful space for me to process and embrace all that she shared. She is, as is her offering, a gift.

Tracey Selingo

Writer, TraceySelingo.com

I just received my Reading from Ronna. It moved me so deeply, I had to stop reading mid-way to feel everything it brought up. It couldn’t have been more ‘right.’ It felt alive, exhilarating, and yes, scary – in the way you know the truth has been revealed…a truth I must live.

Julie Daley

Healer & Writer, JulieDaley.com

On an intuitive zing, I signed up for one of Ronna’s Readings. The way Ronna unfurled the story had me in tears – epiphany after epiphany rolling in and washing over me. I am walking with a new understanding of myself and the most important ways for me to move through the world that are resonant down to the core. With this beautiful Reading, and one conversation with Ronna, I feel like my life has changed.

Nona Jordan

Leadership Coach, NonaJordan.com

My Reading was complex and evocative; shimmering with meaning and metaphor. As I read it, it expanded – and opened, like a nested doll. This work is archetypal. Each layer has a deeper meaning. Ronna’s wisdom led me into my soul story. I was able to make new connections to my own life experience. Brilliant.

Amy Oscar

Writer, Energy Healer, AmyOscar.com

I am completely blown away by my Reading. It made me cry, touched my soul and was like EXACTLY what I needed to hear! I am re-reading it for the 4th time already…and know it will be a constant companion. Your work is true MAGIC!! Thank you, dearest Ronna!

Chris Zydel

Wildheart Queen, Creative Juices Arts

Today I re-read my Reading from Ronna and it resonated in the deepest way. Truth-be-told, I was perplexed by it at first, wondering if it was for me. And this time, well, there it was. So much love infused within. I’m profoundly grateful.

Andrea Scher

Artist & Coach, Superhero Life

Ronna offers the tremendous grace of bringing together the wisdom of ancient voices with her own arresting vision – full of depth, insight, and generosity. Give yourself the gift of a soulful connection to the women who have wrestled in their own lives to bring forth treasures still shimmering brightly for us.

Christine Valters Paintner

Writer & Abbess, Abbey of the Arts

I purchased a Reading for each of my clients. Blew. Me. Away. Every one of them are energized, encouraged, and supported by the ancient women who chose them, as am I. Ronna brings these stories not only to life, but to immense and practical use in our lives. Deepest thanks.

Aine Dee

Founder, Wealth Reimagined

This moment in time requires that we tap into the power of the women who’ve marched before us. Women need women; that’s what I’ve found in Ronna’s Readings. Give yourself that gift. This woman will be your sister, confidant, model, and supporter… Ronna invites us to dive into their stories so that we can shed light on ours. We keep their legacy so that our legacy will stay alive.

Vanessa Mentor

Self-Care Educator, SheIsUnrestrained.com