Every so often, when you’ve come into fear, you’ve walked away. What if today you held that tremble, and stepped into the centre of it? What if today, you allow yourself more courage than you’ve ever felt? What if you did it anyway?

~ Sukhvinder Sircar

  • Read the quote again — and maybe a 3rd time.
  • Remember the times when you’ve come into fear and walked away. Extend yourself grace. It’s OK. It’s understandable. You’re allowed.
  • Where is fear most present for you now? What if you “held that tremble, and stepped into the centre of it?” What might happen? How might you acknowledge and weigh out all those risks, costs, and consequences and “stayed” with it?
  • If you allowed “yourself more courage than you’ve ever felt,” what would you do? What would you say? What would you write? What would you create? Who would you be?
  • “What if you did it anyway?”

Short and sweet. More than enough. May it be so.

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