Stop listening to the insipid internal and external voices that tell you you’re inconsequential, that you don’t really matter all that much, that until you “figure out” why you’re here, what you are here to do, what your calling is, that you’re somehow missing the mark.

Once-and-forever silence those voices and choose to believe another one: your own!  That know-that-you-know-that-you-know voice within.

And if that doesn’t (yet) feel completely trustworthy, then believe me. You are making your mark just by being. Nothing more is required. No accomplishment or attainment or degree or certification or pedigree. No dues-to-be-paid. No suffering to bear. Just you. Right now. Exactly as you are. Because you are, period.

Which means you have total freedom and profound permission to rise up, step forward, speak out, say yes, say no, be you.

This is your mark!

Make it!

[This post is inspired by the ancient, sacred story of Cain’s Wife; her husband the origin of the phrase “the mark of Cain.” In the midst of his story, we have missed hers. And I think that’s a mistake. When I acknowledge her mark on the world, she is redeemed. When I acknowledge her mark on me, I am, as well.]