These days, at Mars Hill Graduate School, we are considering a lot of “What if” questions:

  • What if you truly loved your neighbor as yourself?
  • What if you were truly willing to enter the heartache of a fallen world?
  • What if you truly believed the gospel could change the world?

They are almost trick questions because, of course, as a Christian, one is almost mandated to answer them in a positive,
definitive, and no-questions-asked sort-of way:

  • Of course I love my neighbor as myself!
  • Of course I’m willing to enter the heartache of a fallen world!
  • Of course I truly believe the gospel can change the world!

The problem is that our lives don’t reflect our oh-so-confident response. At least mine doesn’t.

And that’s why I like these questions.

They provoke me. They prod me. They haunt me. Theyprompt even more questions. And all of this is good.

I wonder if Jesus’ parables didn’t strike a similar chord. He consistently provoked and prodded and haunted – especially those who thought they had all the right answers. They prompted even more questions – still. And all of this is good.

Here are some more “what if” questions:

    • What if I wasn’t afraid to ask questions?
    • What if wasn’t afraid of not getting the answers right? What if I asked more questions of myself,
      others, and even God?
    • What if, indeed?

    All of this is definitely good.