Stand in the life you already know is yours. It’s time.

Here is what I believe:

There is a Sacred She who chooses you, who walks alongside you, who offers you . . . everything.

She is perfect for you. I promise…


And all you have to do is ask!


Her story and her wisdom will offer you guidance, hope, and faith beyond measure.

Her story and wisdom will provide you perspective, encouragement, and grace,



Julie DaleyI just received my SacredReading from Ronna. It moved me so deeply, I had to stop reading mid-way to feel everything it brought up. It couldn’t have been more ‘right’. Everything I felt in response was alive, exhilarating, and yes, scary in the way you know the truth has been revealed…a truth I must live. Julie Daley

If you’ve ever had a Tarot reading, you’ll have an idea of how this works. I’ve created my own deck of 52 cards – each one holding the name of one of the ancient, sacred stories I love and adore. I shuffle the deck, cut the cards, and trust-believe-know that the woman who appears will speak − beautifully, eloquently − into your heart. And of course, it’s not Tarot. It’s my vast and endless belief in the power of these women’s stories; my personal and ongoing experience that they continue to have so much to offer; my awareness that my own story has changed profoundly because of theirs.

I am passionately committed to making these stories known. Even the remotest possibility of them becoming obsolete is inconceivable to me because I cannot bear to let these women – their voices, their desires, their hearts – be silenced through misunderstanding or neglect. Too often shrouded in theology and dismissed as irrelevant, these Readings reimagine and retell each woman’s story in a way that speaks unequivocally to the inherent value and strength of women, to the inherent value and strength of you! And they offer timeless guidance, vast courage, and endless grace. These Readings speak powerfully and personally to and for you. I promise…

Tanya GeislerYou know when you scratch an itch that you didn’t know was even there? That was my SacredReading, the soothing of a deep soul itch. I’ve come to expect nothing but impeccability when it comes to Ronna’s work. Her reading left me teary-eyed and truly breathless. Truth’s like that. Tanya Geisler

Each SacredReading Includes:

  • A personalized 10-12 page .pdf that imparts the wisdom and the story behind the woman who chooses you, alongside the themes and particulars that apply to your specific situation. Truths to ponder. Questions to ask. Patterns within your story that deserve special attention. Ways of being in life, work, relationships that make everything far deeper and more meaningful − and yes, YES . . . more sacred.
  • A unique and powerful blessing She speaks on your behalf to cherish as your secret message, your mantra, your prayer.
  • Practical ways in which to incorporate Her story into your day-to-day life. Journaling exercises. Reflections. More.
  • The profound awareness that you are not alone; that you are accompanied and companioned by your very matrilineage − the women from whom you, me, all of us descend.
  • And all of this emailed to you within 48-56 hours after purchase. Overflowing with Sacred wisdom, encouragement, perspective, and grace. I promise
Chris ZydelThank you dearest Ronna. I am completely blown away by my SacredReading. It made me cry, touched my soul and felt like EXACTLY what I needed to hear and be inspired by!! I am re-reading it for the FOURTH time already… and know it will be a constant companion. Your work is true MAGIC!! Chris Zydel
Meghan GengeLast year I bought a SacredReading. I was at a huge turning point in my life, and had no idea of what a transformational year lay ahead of me. Ronna’s Reading was SO GOOD that I even cut a piece out and put it up on my bulletin board so I could read it every day. It was exactly what I needed to hear to help me finally publish my book, and believe in how important my own journey is. Meghan Genge

Did I Mention?

The part I play in all this − beyond shuffling the cards and unfurling Her message to you − is holding space for you in my heart, and trusting that the sacred woman who comes forward will be the perfect match for you. And you can/should ask for exactly what you need! For example,

  • Honor a particular threshold. A wedding. A divorce, An ending. A beginning. A new moon. A birthday. A celebration. A loss. A transition. (I’ve been giving a Reading to my niece – now 3 – every year for her birthday – trusting that one day she will see and understand just how accompanied and supported she’s been all along.)
  • Ask a specific question. Based on how you’re feeling or what you’re dealing with, right now − maybe there’s something you hope for, wonder about, even doubt.
  • Ask for guidance. The major themes of your story. The truths of your character. The one thing you should be paying attention to now, in the future, or in a particular situation.
  • Ask for perspective or direction about your work in the world. What will bring you the most meaning? What is next for you? How should you be in your present circumstances? What decision should you make?
  • Ask for wisdom in (or out) of relationships. Where can you draw strength and encouragement in this area of your life? Which dynamics should you be aware of? What are the patterns that you tend to repeat, but that no longer serve you? What hope can you hold onto when it comes to enjoying a healthy, whole relationship?
  • Ask for insights that relate to creativity, the next steps you should take, getting unstuck, or how you might renew a sense of passion, purpose, or energy around something in particular.


  • Trust that whoever shows up will be completely perfect for you in every way (because she will be, of course) and leave the experience completely open-ended. No “intention” or “question” required!

SacredReadings: $125

BUY NOW Often, after receiving a SacredReading, women want to hear and learn more about who this woman is and how to best understand and apply all that She has to offer; to learn deeper ways in which to make Her story their own. I offer one-hour calls (plus an MP3 recording) for exactly that purpose. Whenever you are ready to talk more, I’m here for you.

Add-On Call + MP4: $150


There IS a sacred She who is choosing you, even now. I promise…

I can hardly wait to share with you Her story, Her voice, Her heart − and witness how exquisitely she speaks to your story, strengthens your voice, and emboldens your heart.

It is my privilege to do everything in my power to enable these women’s stories to continue to be heard, to be known, and to be loved. And of course, I want nothing more than for you to experience them for yourself so that they might speak to you in ever-more intimate, ever-more powerful, and ever-more profound ways.

Andrea ScherToday I re-read my SacredReading from Ronna and it resonated in the deepest way. Truth-be-told, I was perplexed by it at first, wondering if it was for me. And this time, well, there it was. So much love infused within. I’m profoundly grateful. Andrea Scher
Lisa Claudia BriggsI purchased my SacredReading very quickly, very intuitively. When I received the beautiful pages of the story and the messages, I wept. I felt very much the rightness and potency of the woman who had ‘chosen’ me. I felt a sense of lineage and aliveness in her presence that was deeply personal. And with Ronna as the loving, soothing, sacred messenger, the whole of the experience went beyond what I had hoped. What a beautiful offering. Lisa Claudia Briggs
Christine Valters PaintnerRonna’s SacredReadings offer the tremendous grace of bringing together the wisdom of ancient voices with her own arresting vision for a process that is full of depth, insight, and generosity. Give yourself the gift of a soulful connection to the women who have wrestled in their own lives to bring forth treasures still shimmering brightly for us. Christine Valters Paintner, PhD
Nona JordanOn an intuitive zing, I signed up for one of Ronna’s SacredReadings. Surprising because my natural response to anything related to stories from the Bible is something along the lines of, “Wow the Bible sucks.” But the way Ronna unfurled the story had me in tears – epiphany after epiphany rolling in and washing over me. I am walking with a new understanding of myself and the most important ways for me to move through the world that are resonant down to the core. With this beautiful reading, and one conversation with Ronna, I feel like my life has changed. Nona Jordan,
Amy OscarMy SacredReading arrived and it was complex, complete, concise, evocative. Shimmering with meaning and metaphor. And then, I read it through again. It began to expand – and open, like a nested doll. You see, this work is archetypal – meaning that it’s layered, and each layer has a deeper meaning than the last. Ronna’s wisdom led me into my soul story through a new doorway where I was able to work with ancient story to make new, modern connections to my own life experience. Brilliant work. Amy Oscar
Andrea OlsonWise. Beautiful. Powerful. What more can I say? Ronna has a true gift – not only for making these ancient (and often unknown) stories come alive but also allowing them to shed light on the struggles, issues, and choices that we face very day. Andrea Olson
Andrea Mee MaurerHave I mentioned how much your reading means to me? I can’t stop reading it. It’s so beautiful and just exactly what I needed to hear right now. Andrea Mee Maurer

SacredReadings: $125


Add-On Call + MP4: $150


Order a SacredReading as gift for your sister, your aunt, your mother, your daughter, your friend. After you click Buy Now, simply email me ( to let me know it’s a gift. I will send it directly to the recipient, or to you so that you can present it perfectly. You might even order one for you and more for the other women in your world, then gather together to read them to one another.