Reimagining the Sacred. Discovering it Within.

This is what I want for you:

To experience yourself as whole, wise, and awe-inspiring.
Because you are.

To trust the knowing voice within that says, “You already know…”
Because you do.

To experience your story as one worth telling.
Because it is.

To walk through your days profoundly aware that you are not alone.
Because you are not, ever.

This I promise.


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Recent Posts:


I feel a heavy, collective shame. I feel stuck, trapped even, between not knowing what to say or what to do and simultaneously knowing that I can’t not speak, can’t not act. My privilege feels visceral – like a creeping flu that I know is in my system and will, undoubtedly, make itself manifest; already has. I can do all the right things: get extra sleep, down the Vitamin C,... Read more...

About being ubiquitous (or: being God without realizing such)

I came across this word while reading a novel a week or so ago and texted myself this note: LOOK UP UBIQUITOUS. (I do this sometimes, no, lots of times: type myself texts so that I don’t forget…because I will.) Later, I did look it up. (Voila! the value of the note!) u·biq·ui·tous yo͞oˈbikwədəs adjective existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered The thought occurred... Read more...

My Heart (Monitor)

I am hooked up to a heart monitor right now. It’s mobile – just four electrodes connected to various and particular locations on my chest with wires that connect to a small timer-like thing that’s currently in my pocket – even as I sit here and type. Other than the fact that I definitely know it is there, I barely know it is there. I’m hooked-up because my heartbeat is erratic. The doctor asks... Read more...