This is SO exciting! ANNOUNCING: my first GUEST BLOG from the amazing, brilliant, passionate, truth-telling, brave, provocative, and did-I-mention-amazing-? Kelly Diels.

Graciously, she agreed to post on my site – thinking with me about the ‘why’ of blogging and more specifically, the benefits of such – particularly for business! Thanks, Kelly!!! Did I mention you’re amazing?

Why Blog?

The why is the answer.  Finding your way to why is everything and in everything you do, brilliance is found first in the why. All the rest is mechanics.  Seth Godin says that tactics and execution are for chumps, chimps, minions, and flying monkeys.  Ok, he didn’t say those exact words, and ok, they’re not, but being contrary and controversial is good for page views.  Just ask Penelope Trunk.

It is the grand, cosmic, divine Why? that moves me to strip textually naked with my readers. For me, the why is to create meaning, to contribute, to connect, to know.  To figure it out as I go and take you with me so we can chant ommmmmm and get all enlightened together and exchange salacious tweets and live and work in a way that is worthwhile.  I’m an innerpreneur.  That’s my why.

The why is the true north star by which we plot our course, but while we’re doing that, let’s take  a lascivious look at the moon.  It is a little closer.  There might be cheese.  It makes people crazy.

The moon is Google and Google owns your ass or at least your brand.

I know, I know.  Brands are supposed to be authentic, to come from within, to be an extension of your core values…and the best ones are.  The best brands are un-brands or maybe we need a new word for brand. Yet even if your brand is authentically you’er than you from the inside out and has been written in the heavens above, you don’t own your brand.  Marketing wisdom says that your customers construct your brand, and maybe they do, sort of, in a way, kind of, possibly. I’m not entirely sure about that but I can tell you with absolute certainty that Google is the telescope we peer through when trying to find your world.

I have proof. I now present to you three rigorously researched case studies.  The results will blow your mind.

What do I do when

  1. I am about to go on a date with someone? Google.
  2. Someone cold-calls me with a business development opportunity? Google.
  3. I am assessing potential competitors for an RFP bidGoogle.

If I google you and I don’t find you, I won’t date you (no online footprints?  Where have you been, in jail?) and I probably will not do business with you because neither is anyone else.

If you want to be credible, Google has to be able to find you.  Google has to love you.

And what does Google love?

Content, baby.

Blogs, social media participation, blogs, how-to tutorials, articles, blogs, newsletters,  press releases, blogs, e-books, free reports, blogs, polemics, manifestos, blogs.  Content says: I’m here, here’s who I am, and I’m so glad you’re here, too.  Hi.

Blogging maps your reputation and gives Google your coordinates.  And that’s why you need to blog, and blog well, and blog now.  It’s in the stars. It’s a love story. Your blog + Google 4Ever.  Google gives good ROI.

Again, thanks so much Kelly. For those of you are intrigued by what Kelly’s so perfectly articulated and want to think about more strategically about the impact and value of blogging on your business, your website, your personal brand, your life, you’d definitely want to contact me! Blog coaching, baby!

Kelly, did I mention you are amazing?