The imperative to desire is your inalienable right, your inheritance, your truest expression of self.


Do you know this to be true? Do you experience your desire as a flame to be fanned, a spark to be lit, a fire to throw fuel on? The imperative to desire is what leads you home, invites you to love, ignites your passion,  offers you life, and introduces you to you.

You’d think everyone would want in on that action.


Sadly, such is not the case. More often than not, you have come to understand your desire as something dangerous, risky, and what leads you into temptation if not downright sin. You see it as the thing you must quell, keep in check, and hold at bay. You have become highly skilled at managing it, tempering it, controlling it. Like Pandora’s Box, even the smallest lifting of that lid and all manner of things might pour forth – never again to be contained or hidden. You are certain that if released, you would be overwhelmed.

Really? Is that what you’re afraid of?

Think about it for a moment..

What do you fear the most: that your desire will overwhelm you, or that you will overwhelm others?


I thought so…

Now that we’ve got that settled, let’s get down to it. Your fear or hesitancy where your desires are concerned (not your wishes or hopes; rather, those deep-down, rarely-uttered-to-a-living-soul longings) has to do with others, not you. Really, honestly, truthfully, you’re OK. You know these longings and hungers well. And were it all up to you, you’d be totally fine with them. It’s their impact that is risky business; those pesky if not downright dangerous consequences. All hell might break loose.

Mmm hmm.

So what’s a girl to do?


I’m so glad you asked! Believe that your imperative to desire is your inalienable right, your inheritance, your truest expression of self – no matter what. Follow your destiny, your legacy, your birthright. Step into your Divine-imbued identity. Be the queen of your universe. 

Lest you think I’m being flippant, naive, or somehow unaware of how incredibly difficult this is, know that nothing could be further from the truth. I get it. This is hard work: overcoming your resistance to desire, the messages of family and friends and church and work and culture that tell you to play it small and safe. I hardly take this lightly and this  is exactly why I continue to invite…and push…and plead.

This is exactly why I long for you to know Eve.


In coming to know your forebear, you will come to know yourself. In coming to know how she has been (mis)understood, you will understand yourself. In coming to learn of her desire, you will come to embrace your own. And in coming to know and trust that her blood runs in yours, you will step into your destiny, your glory, your strength.

This is no small thing. It changes everything. 

When Eve bit into the apple, she gave us the world as we know the world–beautiful, flawed, dangerous, full of being…All we know of heaven we know from Eve, who gave us earth, a serviceable blueprint: Without Eve there would be no utopias, no imaginable reason to find and to create transcendence, to ascend toward the light. Eve’s legacy to us is the imperative to desire. ~ From A Meditation on Eve by Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

Find and follow your imperative to desire. It changes everything, to be sure. And it matters more than nearly anything else you will ever do.