Ursula Le Guin said, “To light a candle is to cast a shadow.”

Telling the truth is like lighting a candle. By it’s very nature, a shadow is formed; it’s light pierces the darkness. Sometimes we are grateful for such – its warmth and perspective. But other times that much light causes pain. Never it’s intention, merely – simply – always bound in the law of cause and effect.

And this is, merely – simply – always why we avoid it (until we no longer can). We anticipate the pain (whether ours or others’) and we don’t like or want it.

But truth remains true.

We can’t have it both ways: telling our truth and hoping it won’t cost us anything. Things that matter, that are worth fighting for, that we’ll go to the mat for do cost. And sometimes, if not often, far more than we want to pay.

But truth remains true.

And truth that’s true – your truth that’s true – is radiant, brilliant, and blazing. Its ramifications are deep and wide, it’s light glorious, and its cast-shadow vast. Cause and effect. Inevitable. Merely – simply – always true.