Transforming women’s sacred stories. Inviting yours.

The Sacred Muse App

You are, of course, enough. You matter.


But there are a million voices – including the one that’s taken up residence in your own head – trying to make you believe otherwise. Trying to make you smaller. Trying to tell you what to do, what not to do, what to be, who to be, who not to be…

With all those messages, it can be easy to forget: you are part of a divine, feminine tradition, a sacred matrilineage.

Women who make. Women who do. Women who know. Women who risk. Women who love. Daughters, mothers, Marys, ministers, muses: women of struggle, of trial, of tribulation, of jubilation, of revelation, of revolution, of fire, of faith. Women with stories. Sacred stories.

Women like you.


But with all the daily noise, it can be hard to remember.


Choose to be reminded. Let the sacred stories I LOVE lift you up, fill you up, help you rise.


The Sacred Muse App reminds you of your lineage so you can stay connected to your stories and your strength.

  • Receive your Sacred Muse reminder each weekday (at the time of day you choose)
  • Collect your divine messages to review whenever you need them
  • Use the journaling function to go deeper and engage with your Sacred Muse and yourself

Use the (FREE) Sacred Muse App to silence the voices, quiet your inner critic and stay present in the knowledge that you are part of a long line of strong, beautiful, and wise women. Hear their sacred stories. Go forth and create your own.


Download the Sacred Muse App today!

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Tanya GeislerYou know those moments when you are doubting something? An experience, a decision, a direction? For better or for worse…you are in the question: “This feels too good…is the other shoe about to drop?” “Which way should I go?” “Why does this feel so hard?” “Does any of this matter?” It’s at that precise moment that a message from the SacredMuse will show up. Assuring. Knowing. Guiding. Loving. Divinely timed. Of course.Tanya Geisler
Helen TremethickThe Sacred Muse incorporates Ronna’s warm spirit and the soft touch of the divine into the convenience of today’s technology. Compassionate and thought-provoking, each of these messages act as a daily compass for gratitude practice, perspective, and even business decisions. The Sacred Muse is a blessing, an oracle, and a guiding comfort all wrapped up in a simple app for your phone. If you haven’t downloaded it already, do so now.Helen Tremethick
Kyeli SmithDivine Feminine wisdom on my phone – just like that? Love notes from the Goddess and Her long line of powerful, spiritual women delivered right into my hands every day? I couldn’t sign up fast enough. And I have not been disappointed – every message feels like a kiss, like the Feminine in all Her glory and magic whispers across the ether and breathes into my phone. I devour them and look forward to them and can’t wait for them and absolutely love them. Every single day. Kyeli Smith
Kate LoveThese messages have meant so much, some days lifting me higher than I ever could on my own right now. Please don’t stop them! Kate Love
Annie MatanThe voices of my matriarchs, women’s wisdom, ancestor-speak, words of the Divine. Most days, reading them feels like receiving divination – just what I need for this day, just in time. Always a blessing! Annie Matan
Deb DrozI am thoroughly enjoying Ronna’s SacredMuse messages that come to my phone! They seem to always be just what I need to hear at the time – divinely inspired messages. It is such a gift…Thank you, Ronna! Deb Droz
Rhiannon CahoursGetting these daily bits of sacredness is a chance for me to slow down and savor the words, and wonder how they will play out in my life today. I know their stories from childhood, but hearing them again is like a renewal of the truths they speak. I am so grateful for Ronna’s ability to send their words out into the world in fresh, new ways. Rhiannon Cahours

Download the Sacred Muse App today!

(It’s free!)

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