just so you know: you are more than enough & you are not too much.


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What follows are 18 podcasts so far – recorded over a period of about 4 months. More to come, but in the meantime, plenty to listen to, (hopefully) learn from, and enjoy.




Podcast #1 – Saying No and No and No, Again! 


Podcast #2 – Crazy, Unstoppable Desire and Hope


Podcast #3 – You Are Not Invisible


Podcast #4 – Don’t Look Back – and Do!


Podcast #5 – A Story Like Yours


Podcast #6 – Persist! Persist! Persist! (You’re not alone in this.)


Podcast #7 – About being the miracle you (already) are!


Podcast #8 – About value and worth, courage and love. What else?


Podcast #9 – An unexpected place for profound truth.


Podcast #10 – Changing it up: MY story worth telling!


Podcast #11 – You are irresistible! (I’m right about this.)


Podcast #12 – Taking steps. Shedding tears. Knowing joy.


Podcast #13 – About death and life and miracles.


Podcast #14 – Trust your heart. Take crazy risks. Let go of the outcome. 


Podcast #15 – An excruciating story that MUST be told! 


Podcast #16 – How women ALWAYS change history. Including you!


Podcast #17 – “Limned.” A story told by four women – for World Storytelling Day.


Podcast #18 – Why happy endings matter…