Just one quick phone call and my entire week’s schedule unexpectedly, miraculously, and graciously cleared. Upon hanging up, the very first thought that went through my mind was, “Ahhhhhh, writing.”

Truth-be-told (and despite what you are about to witness below), I have made significant progress. But not without struggle. My mind is wont to respond to nearly any glimmer of resistance, any shiny object, any distraction it can possibly find. And this is demonstrated clearly (and embarrassingly) in the following two videos.

The first – only 33 seconds long, but revealing far more:

And the second, filmed only moments later; another 27 seconds that speak volumes:

“Insane,” is right. I’m not proud – either of the fact that I filmed these while driving or that they blatantly demonstrate my less-than-sophisticated-but-endless stalling techniques. Still, here they are.

And still, here am I: Distracted. Impassioned. Committed. Flighty. Determined. Insecure. Prolific. Stuck. Compelled.

Still and always, a writer.