Many of us associate God with cranky nuns with hands on hips or stern preachers with pursed lips nearly bursting with fury because we were chewing gum in church. We see God as a stern and controlling parent who was watching with simmering rage from the window when we were experiencing the thrill of our first kiss in a car in the driveway. Or we see God as a terrifying judge who has been counting our life’s infractions and will inevitably charge us, mercilessly judge us, and eternally punish us for our guilt.

But the scandalous truth, known by mystics throughout history and affirmed in the pages of our sacred texts, is that when we connect with God, it is as if we are plugging our souls into a pure current of high voltage joy.

These words from my latest read, Naked Spirituality: A Life with God in 12 Simple Words by Brian McLaren. They skim across the surface of my brain, my memory, my life’s story, and then drop deep. Right into my heart. They invite me to a “yes” for which I long. For myself, and for you.

Is this your experience of God; the kind of truth you know? What if it was?