just so you know: you are more than enough & you are not too much.

I have been working with women for nearly 25 years.


One-on one. Standing alongside. Offering advocacy, support, and wisdom.
Reminding them that they are:

Wise. Resplendent. Illuminating. Truth-filled. Miraculous. Amazing. Glorious.


It’s what I still do. I can’t not.


Sacred stuff, to be sure:

Powerful. Alchemical. Magical. Life-changing. Holy. Amazing.


…is what I call our work together:


  • A strong-and-safe space that welcomes, allows, and summons forth all of you: what you reveal and don’t, what’s tender and strong, what’s vulnerable and fierce, what’s broken and whole. All of you.
  • Nurturing your capacity to step boldly and consistently into places of beauty, courage, and wisdom – the places you belong.
  • Experiencing yourself − and your life − as grounded, whole, and integrated (as opposed to disconnected, fraying-around-the-edges, and with no idea where to find the nourishment you crave).
  • Trusting the wise, sound, and passionate voice within that says, “You already know. You already know. You already know.”
  • Recognizing your story and yourself as profound and magnificent. Because it is. Because you are.

Ronna has an instinctive knack for prising you open with the utmost compassion. She is the perfect intermediary for this type of soul work.

Nikki Groom

Ronna’s advice rings in my heart for days and days after we talk. I truly can’t imagine a more compassionate and brilliant Priestess of the Female Spirit than her.

Christi Koelker

Nobody has made me reconsider my spirituality so provocatively and productively. Because of Ronna I can feel my own faith underneath me, a hammock, a support.

Lindsey Mead

Ronna is one of the wisest, wittiest, warmest women I know. I cannot imagine a more sage, humble and curious guide for doing deep personal work.

Christa Gallopolous

The Process:

  • 2 one-hour calls/month. Highly-personalized. Customized. Unique.
  • I listen − deeply and well − for the meaning inherent in all that you say and all that you don’t say. I talk – without fear; with an unedited and concise perspective. I serve as sacred midwife − coming alongside you with the certainty that the life you are yet to bring forth and live is worth every effort..
  • Receive an extensive email after each call packed full of relevant ways to implement and practice what we’ve explored together: powerful journaling prompts and thought-provoking questions that will carry our conversation forward and MOVE you forward.
  • In-between calls, utilize ongoing and unlimited email access.

Why me?

Because I listen well, understand much, and am hardly new around the block when it comes to the doubts, fears, and desires in a woman’s life. Because I have the training, expertise, and experience to companion, mentor, and guide in powerful ways. Because I care – deeply – that you see yourself as I do (brave, amazing, beautiful, and wise) and live in a way that reflects that truth.

Why this?

SacredConversation (my 1:1 work with women) is the best way I know to enable you to be really heard and really seen – which is what you really need. It is my heart, my passion, my commitment, my calling. It’s what you deserve. I mean it when I say: You and me. Together. It’s time.

If I could, I would allay your every fear and fill you up with overflowing confidence to step into these deep, rich, and yes, Sacred Conversations. I would speak some kind of prayer over you that would calm your every nerve and take away your every objection. I don’t say this for my sake; I say it for yours. Truly, this is life-changing, heart-changing, world-changing conversation because it’s about your life, your heart, you. Sacred, indeed.

The Investment:

  • $325/month (includes two 60 minute sessions – via phone, two extensive follow-up emails with writing prompts, next-steps, practices, etc, and ongoing email access).
  • Invoiced monthly through PayPal.
  • Click the orange button below to get started. Or email me (ronna@ronnadetrick.com) to schedule a complimentary 30-minute phone call together. Let’s make sure – together – that I am a good fit for you and your heart.

    IT’S TIME!

Ronna is the kind of spiritual leader I’ve been waiting for. Her approach is gentle yet full of strength. Her teaching is full of grace but never compromising. She sees deep within souls…

Tara Gentile