Transforming women’s sacred stories. Inviting yours.

You and me. Together. It’s time.


Maybe it sounds too bold for me to say such,
to make the assumption that we should work together.


And maybe it sounds perfect, exactly right, resonant, and true.

That is, of course, my hope.

Here is what I know:
you can trust your heart, your desire, your longing.


You can trust that you know; really know.


It’s now a matter of learning to hear that wisdom, recognize and call it forth, summon it up
in any and every situation, relationship, question, and reality.
Easier said-than-done, yes?
And – your inherent birthright: this wisdom, this knowing, this you.


You can trust me when I say, “You and me. Together. It’s time”

Tara GentileRonna is the kind of spiritual leader I’ve been waiting for.
Her approach is gentle yet full of strength.
Her teaching is full of grace but never compromising.
She sees deep within souls…
Tara Gentile

I offer a safe space for ongoing conversation about what it means to be tender and strong, vulnerable and fierce, broken and whole, so that you can feel and experience yourself stepping boldly into places of beauty, courage, and wisdom – the places you belong. And in the midst of all this, I’ll help you recognize that you are in the midst of the Sacred at all times.

Helping you recognize, tell and live the powerful story that is uniquely and profoundly yours and recognizing the Sacred within it, within you, is the privilege and gift that is mine; privilege and gift that is mine to offer you.

Dare I say it again?

You and me. Together. It’s time.


This is my desire on your behalf:

  • Experience yourself − and your life − as grounded, whole, and integrated (as opposed to disconnected, fraying-around-the-edges, and with no idea where to find the nourishment you crave).
  • Recognize yourself as the incredible, gorgeous, and awe-inspiring being that you truly are.
  • Walk through your days AND your world profoundly aware that you are not alone.
  • Celebrate the signs and symbols that are rife within your story, just waiting to be seen and acknowledged − like breadcrumbs leading you home.
  • Listen to and trust the wise, sound, and passionate voice within that says, “You already know. You already know. You already know.”
  • Step increasingly into places of courage, voice, and power.
  • Experience your story and yourself as profound and magnificent. Because it is. Because you are.

You deserve all of this. And more.

If it helps, know and trust that I have the M.Div. degree and certification that combined, provide me a strong basis of education, expertise, and experience. Know and trust that SacredConversations perfectly describe what I’ve been doing for decades in both formal and informal ways: listening for truth within stories, offering practical and powerful ways to see and experience every aspect of life as Sacred, and walking alongside women as mentor, companion, midwife, and trusted friend.

In the midst of all this, I am privileged to witness lives-changed. Not because there is some fail-safe plan I’ve stumbled upon that will radically impact your income, your creativity, your relationships, or your work in the world (though all of this may be true), but because transformation cannot help but occur. It’s in being truly heard, seen, and honored that your reality will change; that you will.

And that? That kind of change? Well, that is spiritual (and Sacred and every other divine, magical, alchemical, and shape-shifting word I can conjure).

Nikki GroomRonna is a modern-day demigoddess.
Part-soul priestess, part-tenderhearted feminist,
her words are a divine benediction to all who hear them.
She has an instinctive knack for prising you open
with the utmost compassion — and she helped me
recognize my resistance to reconciling with the beliefs
impressed on me throughout my childhood.
Ronna is someone I trust implicitly.
She is the perfect intermediary for this type of soul work.Nikki Groom
Christa GallopolousRonna is one of the wisest, wittiest, warmest women I’ve had the privilege to travel the path with. I cannot imagine a more sage, humble and curious guide for doing deep personal work and answering the question of the call.
I am blessed to know her, and will forever be grateful for her company. Christa Gallopolous
Christi KoelkerWorking with Ronna has been like swimming down into the dark ocean of my unconscious with a skilled and fearless diving instructor. One who’s not afraid to confront the sea monsters. She’s completely fluent in the language of both the woman she’s guiding toward ultimate freedom and the beast she’s declawing. Ronna’s wisdom has been precious to me and her advice rings in my heart for days and days after we talk. I truly can’t imagine a more compassionate and brilliant Priestess of the Female Spirit than her. Christi Koelker

The Process

  • 2 one-hour calls/month. A highly-personalized experience.
  • We’ll talk, wander, and wonder together. I listen − deeply and well − for the meaning inherent in all that you say and all that you feel. I offer you my perspective on what I hear, think, see, feel, and long for on your behalf. I offer intuitive leanings, learned perspective, vast experience (and training), relevant stories, and every bit of wisdom I can summon and call forth. I serve as sacred midwife − coming alongside you with encouragement, perspective, and the certainty that the life you are yet to bring forth and live is worth every effort, that is (and you) will be beautiful and miraculous beyond belief.
  • After our call, I will send you an email that includes super-practical and meaningful ways to implement and practice all that we’ve explored together. I’ll also deliver grounded, relevant journaling exercises and thought-provoking questions that will guide, strengthen, and encourage.
  • In-between our calls I offer ongoing email access. Thoughts that crop up. Paintings you’ve created wildly in the middle of the night. Questions that haunt. Recounting of conversations. Dreams. Movement forward. Any and all of it is welcome. I do respond − quickly, gratefully, and with intention.


The Investment

  • $250/month (for two 50-60 minute sessions), invoiced monthly in advance through PayPal. You can click the orange button below to make the commitment now or email me ( to schedule a preliminary 15-minute conversation. Let’s make sure – together – that I am a good fit for you and your heart.


    Lindsey Mead RussellRonna makes my relationship to my own spirituality tangible, somehow; in dialog with her I can imagine the Divine as the benevolent presence I’ve always wanted him/her to be. Nobody in my adult life has made me reconsider my own spirituality so provocatively and, ultimately, so productively. Because of Ronna I can feel my own faith underneath me, a hammock, a support, and I’m immensely grateful for this. Lindsey Mead

    You and me. Together. It’s time.

    If I could, I would allay your every fear and fill you up with overflowing confidence to step into these deep, rich, and yes, sacred conversations. I would speak some kind of prayer over you that would calm your every nerve and take away your every objection. I don’t say this for my sake; I say it for yours. Truly, this is life-changing, heart-changing, world-changing conversation because it’s about your life, your heart, you. Sacred, indeed.


    A disclaimer: Our conversation together (or my ability to work effectively on your behalf) does not assume or at all require a particular system of beliefs, a background in the church, any particular denominational affiliation, or a strong understanding of all things theological. It assumes that you live your life with an awareness that there is more to be learned, discovered, and understood; that there is a sacredness afoot that you long to experience more consistently; that deep, rich conversation has the potential to change everything.