We have become so conditioned to comply, to obey, to fall in line where God is concerned. But when we cannot (or will not) argue, fuss or fight, something passionate, gritty, and real is missing. You are missing. And if it’s not really you who is in relationship with God, why bother?

When we wrestle like lovers
and I let you go
to tend to my wounds
that our loving has opened;

when we argue like sisters
and I storm away
to stew in the juices
my anger has stirred;

when the force of my passion
has left me exhausted
and I turn to the silence
to gather my strength;

let me hear you still breathing
there in the shadows,
blessing the silence
and weeping my name.
~ Jan Richardson, from In Wisdom’s Path

You have permission to interact in real ways with a real God who longs for nothing less; nothing less than all of the real you.


Did I mention that you have permission?