Notes from Her

To be encouraged, inspired, and blessed is something we need.

It’s a gift, really.

And it’s a gift YOU deserve.


To be encouraged, inspired, and blessed reminds us of our radiant potential,
of the capacity and the strength which is ours (and has always been ours),
of the courage and hope that endlessly burns in our hearts and souls.


But sometimes we forget.

Which is why…this.


Notes from Her

Her story. My voice. Your heart.

One email. Once a week. A beautiful blessing to uplift, encourage, and compel you to go deeper. To strengthen you as you follow the voice of your soul, learn (increasingly) to listen to your own heart, and trust the deep and innate wisdom that dwells within. (You can, you know…)

Hear from your sacred feminine lineageā€¦the stories I LOVE to tell. Their relevance is profound; their wisdom is timeless; their voices deserve to be revered, redeemed, reimagined. These wise and amazing women come alongside you as companions, advocates, muses, and guides. And oh, how I long for you to hear their hearts on your behalf! (Which is exactlywhy I imagine and offer them!)

Hear from me… My writing and my voice on your behalf.


I want you to hear (and believe) all of this and then some.

That’s why Notes From Her!


Every Sunday morning. First thing. Your inbox. Read it once or everyday. Ponder it as you fall asleep. Print it out and recall its message in needed moments. Use it as a journaling prompt or meditation mantra.


Soak it in. Let it speak. Let Her speak. 


You deserve to be encouraged, inspired, and blessed.


These Notes from Her are rightfully yours.

(And gift from me to you…)


Notes from Her

Her story. My voice. Your heart.