If I could give you anything, it would be the irrefutable knowledge that you are of value, that you are of worth, that you are worthy – of profound love, of deep favor, of powerful wisdom, of the closest companionship, kindness, and support.

I’d give you all of this because for far too many years of my own life, it is what I most wanted, what I most needed, and miraculously, what has been mine all along. I’d give you all this because it is all mine to give!

And since today is my birthday, that’s exactly what I’m doing!

Meet the sacred She who chooses you, who walks alongside you,
who offers you the knowledge, wisdom, companionship, kindness, and support
that you desire AND DESERVE in 2019 and beyond.

She is perfect for you. I promise.

And the best news? My “gift” to you?

SacredReadings are regularly priced at $125, but for my birthday…
(drum roll, please!)

2019 New Year SacredReadings are only $55!
Save $70

This reduced price is only available between November 30 and December 22, 2018. Regular rates resume on December 23.

CLICK HERE to read more, learn more:
my words and those of others who have received SacredReadings of their own.

2019 SacredReadings

It’s my birthday. It’s your gift.