I was on vacation for eight days. Returning home found me face-to-face with my deepest fear: Google Analytics.

Eight days of little activity and my stats plummeted. Eight days of hardly any conversation on Twitter or Facebook and it’s as though the whole world forgot about me. Eight days of being in the sun turned to¬† wallowing in mud puddles of self-doubt (and self-pity), convinced that my value can only be sustained when constantly fed. Some of these fears are based in legitimate data. Others are based in sheer conjecture and insecurity. Ultimately, all of them need to be defied.

The truth? I let them get the better of me. I let them defy me. Not okay.

Let’s face it: fear is a given.


That said, not all fears are created equal. There are those like I’ve articulated above – irrational, unfounded, and oh-so-dramatic. And then there are the ones that tell me I’m on track, doing what I must, pursuing my passion, and risking failure. Defying all of them is only done by walking straight into the lion’s den, the fire, any and all metaphors for doing the unthinkable.

Think Daniel in the Lion’s Den. The three guys in the fire – Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (buddies of Daniel). Mary. Jesus. Joan of Ark. Teresa of Avila. Gandhi. Martin Luther King, Jr. Mother Theresa. The woman who left a painful marriage. The young girl who stood up to sexualization in her school. The children who overcame their parents abuse. The blogger who told her truth. The entrepreneur who risked everything for a life with heart.

All faced fear. All defied it.

Tell the truth: Aren’t you kinda sick of being afraid?


You’re in good company.

Tell the truth: Do you fear failure? Get over it. Failure is inevitable and a sure sign that you’re on track for success. In fact, failure is the only way you ever get to success! To think anything different is just naive. (I’m sooooo talking to myself on this one.)

Tell the truth: Do you fear what you’re most passionate about? What if you let it be the very marker that tells you to stay the course, take the leap, and push even harder? (Did I mention that I’m sooooo talking to myself? Mmm hmm.)

Let’s get this stuff out in the open, up on the table, and down to some long overdue sifting and sorting.

Pile #1: Bad fears. The things you can’t control that are sucking the life (and passion) right out of you. Bad fear serves as insipid irritation; letting things you can’t control anyway take control.

Pile #2: Good fears. The things that remind you that you’re On The Money in regards to your passions, desires, and dreams. Good fear serves as close companion and compelling validation for what you most desire and deserve.

Bad fears: Dumpster. Good fears: Fan their flame, baby! Not just kindling; rather, the stuff of bonfires. Sparks that fly into the air and light up the sky; constellations across the horizon. These fears serve to confirm that you must be on the right track. Let them burn. Let them companion and compel. Let them move you to take wildly fantastic risks. Let them push you to take the hill. Let them fall silent as you victoriously plant your flag. Let them entice you to fail passionately. And then defy them all.

Ya with me?

And Google Analytics? I kicked that one W-A-Y out to the curb just hours ago. Next?


What are you kicking to the curb? The bad fears you’re going to ditch – immediately? And the good ones you’re going to name, step right into, and then defy? I’d love to hear.