It is International Women’s Day. Thousands of events occur not just today, March 8, but throughout the month to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women. One day does not suffice. A lifetime of days would not suffice. The celebration and acknowledgement of women echoes into infinity…or should.

And every day, not just one out of 365, I am aware of and celebrate the strength, power, and beauty of women. Their voices. Their hearts. Their hopes. Their loves. And their deep, deep knowing.

It is this deep, deep knowing that binds us one to another, like a thin, red thread. We are connected in ways seen and unseen, obvious and mysterious, palpably felt and somehow just sensed.

It is this deep, deep knowing that I hunger for and call forth in myself, in you, in us all. It longs to be heard. It can be trusted. And when made manifest, changes everything: circumstances, relationships, jobs, systems, structures, cultures, countries, worlds. A woman’s knowing is no small thing.


Given all this, you can imagine how much I love Dyana Valentine: a woman who trusts her own deep knowing and, in so doing, invites me to trust my own. She is smart. She is kind. She is compassionate. She is feisty. She is dangerous (in the very best of ways). And she calls forth a knowing that stuns with its accuracy, its potency, its power. She dreams. And in so doing, invites you to realize your own.

Dyana has been offering Woke Up Knowing experiences for a year now; one-on-one sessions in which she allows her dreams to be the springboard from which she invites highly intuitive and deeply powerful conversation that changes everything. I’ve experienced my own Woke Up Knowing experience. There is nothing like it and no-one like her. Even if it had not catapulted me into a profoundly significant understanding of my own strength and unique passions (which it did), I was able to watch a woman step into hers. And that is what all of us need to see more of…not just one day a year, but every day.

It is hardly coincidental to me that Dyana made a HUGE, celebratory announcement yesterday about offering Woke Up Knowing LIVE. We talked about it together. Her enthusiasm is contagious, her brilliance obvious, and her invitation undeniable. Listen. Watch. This is a woman who knows. This is a woman who shares what she knows. This is a woman who invites you to a deeper, truer knowing of you than ever before. This is a woman worth celebrating.

CLICK HERE to watch my conversation with Dyana. SO much celebration!!!


And if this weren’t enough celebration, I’m thrilled to be able to (continually) promote the divine Danielle LaPorte. She knows what she wants…and then asks for what she needs. Her words: “I need you. I need you to help me further my calling — to inspire people to liberate their truth; and to make a dream come true — to have a book hit The New York Time’s Bestseller List. I need you to spread the fire — on your phones, your websites, at the water-cooler.” Worth celebrating, don’t you think? So help her out! Download the beyond-inspiring free chapter: Declare Your Super Powers and then…

CLICK HERE to read Danielle’s post and then do whatever she asks. SO much celebration!!!


There are so many more women I can celebrate. These are just three. And then, of course, there is you!

On International Women’s Day and every day, YOU are SO worth celebrating!!!