Her story changed the course of history –
which means that yours can, too.

These words from the course itself, from me:


“When we are Inspired by Eve, we hold our heads high. We allow our desires to remain intact – no matter what. We walk forward with self-trust that practically emanates off our skin. And we move through our world, our relationships, our work, every single aspect of life with a deep knowing that says, ‘It is good. I am good.’ This is your legacy – and Eve’s.“


Eve ate the fruit.The rest was history.

Or so the story goes…


This is not how I tell it.


But here’s what I DO tell/say/preach/proclaim every chance I get:


  • If we do not come to know and understand the way Eve’s story has been told, we cannot come to know and understand our own. They are inextricably bound.
  • If we do not change the way Eve’s story is told, we cannot hope to change our own, let alone our world.
  • Because Eve’s story – just one woman – changed the entire course of history, your story – you – can too!

Hardly the stuff of tired legend, the way Eve’s story has been told, interpreted, and applied has impacted your story and so much more: religion, gender, politics, power…To reimagine, re-tell, redeem, and reclaim her story is what invites and enables the same for you. It changes everything.

Eve reminds us that one woman’s story has the power to change the world.

And that means yours does, as well.



  • 2 weeks / 14 emails filled with thought-provoking and powerful content. Follow a set schedule or go at any pace you wish.

  • Rich, juicy, reflective questions to use as writing / journaling prompts that uncover deeper, truer, and more delicious aspects of your story, of you.

  • A listening/writing/reflective process to unlock deeply held beliefs, bring them to the surface, and compel a new story – Eve’s and yours!

  • A useful, relevant, and timeless resource that will strengthen, companion, and guide; that you can return to again and again.


Acknowledge your desire. Trust your intuition. Make powerful choices. And walk into brand new, beyond-imagining worlds that yet await. Just like Eve.

Inspired By Eve | An Online Course

This woman’s story…the way it’s been told…changed everything.
That means that your story…the way you choose to tell it…has the power to do the same.