I was in a queer mood, thinking myself very old; but now I am a woman again – as I always am when I write. ~ Virginia Woolf

I love this quote. All kinds of places I can go with it – and do. But in this moment, let’s just sit with the beauty Virginia Woolf names about herself:

“I am a woman…when I write.”

I’ll speak for myself; maybe none of this applies to you… I can get so disjointed – wearing multiple hats, playing a myriad of roles, adapting to my surroundings, nurturing, creating, birthing, cleaning, working, laboring, loving. It’s not surprising that I loose my footing, that I find myself in a “queer mood” from time-to-time, that I forget what is unique and powerful and distinctive about me as a woman, and that yes, I sometimes “think myself very old.”

But when I write: Ahhhh, when I write, I find myself. I reconnect. I enjoin my heart with my mind with my body with my soul. I am a woman again: whole, complete, powerful, tender, amazing, strong, vulnerable, grounded, spontaneous, beautiful, smart, funny…me.

This IS the impact of writing – whether you call yourself a writer or not. Writing has the capacity to usher you right into the presence of your very self. The presence of you – with you is gift and grace. The presence of you – with you is powerful potion. The presence of you – with you is invitation to truth. The presence of you – with you is sacred. Yes, sacred.

Which is exactly and always why I encourage your writing (and my own) in any and every way I possibly can!

Write your thoughts and feelings, your stories and ideas, your disappointment and grief, your joy and desire. Every part of you, all of you, deserves to be expressed.

Trust me (and maybe even Virginia Woolf) when I say that this is the way and means through which you are (and continue to become) the woman you most long to be, the woman you most truly are. Beautiful.

May it be so, yes? Yes.