“… faith is a misunderstood word. Faith is not a set of beliefs we are supposed to sign up for… It is instead the courage to face our illusions and allow ourselves to be disillusioned by them. It is the courage to walk through our illusions and dispel them… the opposite of faith is not doubt, it is fear – fear of abandoning illusions because of our comfort level with them.”

I LOVE this quote from Parker Palmer because  it completely messes with almost every category in my head and heart while simultaneously feeling deeply, intuitively, profoundly right. Even more, it affirms, validates, and allows my every question, my every doubt, my every wondering. If that is faith, that is what I want.

  • Faith that is not constrictive or gasp-y; rather, expansive and breathtaking.
  • Faith that focuses more on questions than answers.
  • Faith that honors courage over blind obedience.
  • Faith that is generative and ever-changing.
  • Faith as verb.

Faith as courage. Courage to let go of what no longer works. Courage to name what no longer serves. Courage to walk away from illusion, into disillusionment, and toward something yet unknown. Risky. Amazing. True.

“The opposite of faith is not doubt, it is fear…” So when YOU are brave (which I know you are), YOU are faith-full. Done deal.