A dear friend of mine posted a quote to my Facebook page today, prefaced with these words: “Read this tonight in my studies and thought of you!”

Desire is the absurdity that holds open the infinity of possibility.

(Wendy Farley, The Wounding and Healing of Desire: Weaving Heaven and Earth)

The only thing more beautiful than this quote is the title of the book from which it came. It’s not (yet) on my shelf, my bedside table, or accompanying me back and forth in the car each day; but clearly it needs to be!

Kimberly knows me well. She is right: the quote is perfect for me. It speaks to what I talk about all the time; what I most believe in, want, and pursue: desire. Can one desire desire? If so, that’s totally me!

In the midst of Lent, this season of reflection, of desert wandering, of naming shadow, suffering, and places of struggle, it’s significant to note that none would hold any weight, any meaning, any impact if desire weren’t in the mix.

  • Shadow wouldn’t haunt if desire weren’t present.
  • Suffering wouldn’t hurt if desire weren’t powerful.
  • Struggle wouldn’t endure if desire didn’t persevere.

If this is true, than our questions and doubts matter. If this is true, then faith can flourish. If this is true, then all that we barely dare whisper in hope is what enables any of it to come to be. If this is true than we can make total fools of ourselves – absurdity personified.

If this is true then desire is what matters most.

Desire – full, rich, embodied, juicy, named, pursued, and alive is the key to it all; to possibility, to faith, to love, to life, to infinity…and beyond!

Read it one more time as breathed, lived, embodied prayer:

Desire is the absurdity that holds open the infinity of possibility.

Music to my deepest soul. I most definitely desire. Much. Always. Infinitely.

For your reflection:

  1. Only one question: Will you name your desire(s)?