just so you know: you are more than enough & you are not too much.

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Throwing StonesThrowing Stones: A Braided Essay about Women and Silence and Shame

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“…the COO stood in the doorway of my office, looked me straight in the eyes – his stone cold, and politely asked if I had time to talk. It wasn’t really a question. I instinctively looked away from him as I nodded my yes. Shame coursed through my body before he spoke another word. I felt caught without even knowing why…”

It is only in naming what is true – no matter how hard – that we can hope for change.

A Feminist with FaithA Feminist with Faith: Relevant, meaningful steps that strengthen and sustain.

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  1. Recognize a God who looks like you.
  2. Continually ask, “What is at stake and for whom?
  3. Live in 1st person.

They’re not mutually exclusive: feminism and faith.