Every woman has the leading role in her own unfolding life story. ~ Jean Shinoda Bolen, Goddesses in Everywoman: Powerful Archetypes in Women’s Lives

Do you believe this? We can more often feel like unwitting victims; actors thrust into a plot line that we never chose; at best, a bit part, a short appearance, a non consequential role. And when this pervades, it is hard to stay engaged in a larger narrative or an over-arching comprehension of our lives; to see or value either our volition or impact in the midst of our days.

So change the plot line! It’s yours to alter, amend, edit, totally scrap, and completely reframe. Operative words: it’s yours.

Be the heroine of your story.


The victor. The beauty. The winner. The savior. The protagonist. The muse.

Here’s why you must: If you do not, then pages and pages turn without your presence. Dialogue falls flat without your humor, wisdom, and compassion. Relationships ache in your absence (or ambivalent presence). And entire worlds are gray without your creative color, your winsome art, your dramatic flair, your melodic voice.

This is big, mythic-level stuff: you and your story. No one can live it but you. No one can tell it but you. And none of us will see or hear it if you don’t take the stage.

When a woman senses that there is a mythic dimension to something she is undertaking, that knowledge touches and inspires deep creative centers in her. ~ Jean Shinoda Bolen, Goddesses in Everywoman

What’s the story you wish you were living? What’s the one you feel destined to live – if the fates conspire and the Power of Intention pulls through on your behalf (or maybe if you just took the pen in your own hand and wrote the thing)? What are the scenes, characters, love interests, lines, words, sets, costumes? And you, the heroine, how does it feel when you make your grand entrance?

A hush falls over the crowd when you show up.


So why not show up?

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. ~ Maya Angelou