Admit it. This is what you want said about you; even more, true:

Upon [her] depend the winds, the ocean, the whole earth beneath the snowy seat of Olympus; whenever she leaves the mountains and climbs to the great vault of heaven, Zeus himself makes way, and all the other immortal gods likewise make way…

These words are from Argonautica by Apollonius of Rhodes – speaking of the mythic god(dess) Rhea. He could have been speaking about you…

You are brave.

You step into relationships with your heart on the line. You risk being misunderstood or even hurt. You name your desires. And you don’t stop to measure the risks or ramifications. Why would you? Yes…there will be cost, but how else would you live? You confidently stare these down and step forward, toward, out of, into, beyond. It’s what you do. It’s who you are. You are brave.

You are brazen.

You are tired of conforming to societal, familial, or relational patterns that have you quiet, subdued, or less-than. You secretly picture yourself with a killer outfit, stilettos, and a clipboard – taking names (or maybe a little somethin’ a bit closer to the image above). You stand tall. You do not hold back. You don’t edit. You tell the truth. You don’t censor. You create wildly, write with abandon, speak with conviction, and love fiercely. You are brazen.

You are bold.

No more doubting. No more second-guessing. Why bother? You know that it’s time to up your game. To bring out the big guns. To step on the gas. A cost-risk analysis is irrelevant…at least not where your life is concerned. You have capacity, strength, courage, and perseverance that will not run dry. And everyone knows it. You are bold.

The Appolonius quote calls to your deeper self, to a time far before your story or those you’ve been told, to your internal memory of women who ruled, who were worshiped, who were priests and prophetesses, queens and goddesses, rulers and chiefs. That’s your lineage. That’s your DNA. That’s who you descend from and carry forth. Brave, brazen, and bold women who were never considered too strong or too much. They were the epitome of what everyone around them aspired to.

You are the epitome of what we aspire to.

Do you believe me? Do you believe this?

when you walk in the room a hush falls and every head turns
when you speak a font of wisdom pours forth
when you weep, hearts break
when you tell the truth, worlds split open
and when you love, words fail and worlds are healed

Be who you already are. Claim your lineage. Say your piece. Launch that product. Ask for that raise. Have that hard conversation. Take that risk. Step right smack into the middle of your vision (which is really your truth). You are brave, brazen, and bold.

Zeus himself makes way, and all the other immortal gods likewise… It’s understandable, really. And you are beautiful.