It is with profound gratitude, deep appreciation, and WILD celebration that I join in the Blog Tour for Amy Palko’s From Revolutionary Lips. 


I am privileged beyond expression to have worked with Amy; to have collaborated with her; to have had the privilege of sitting at her feet and taking in her gorgeous, wild wisdom; and more than all else, to call her friend. When I hear her voice (which is lilting and intoxicating), I cannot help but remember my own. When I encounter her passion (which runs deep and true), I cannot help but feel my own. When I am captivated by her Sacredness and feminine power (which is impossible to resist), I become even more certain of my own. The same will be true for you.

Amy speaks graciously here about women’s voices and the Sacred. But keep reading. One of her poems, Listen, from From Revolutionary Lips follows.

She is powerful, wise, beautiful, and wild.


Introducing: Amy Palko

What of women’s voices – when heard in unbound, unrestrained ways – is Sacred?

The pure, the undiluted, the unadulterated voice that longs to find its way out from behind layers and layers of cultural conditioning feels like the very essence of what the sacred means and is. If in the beginning was the word, then it existed long before the entrapments and expectations and compromises and censorships that continually filter what we say and how we say it. What sound would you release from your body if there was no set behavioral practices that your voice needed to comply with? What words would you speak? What song would you sing? What noise would you unleash? Because whatever it would be, I can promise you that it would be sacred. It couldn’t be anything other.

How might we listen to and actually experience our own stories as expression of the Sacred? What has this awareness shifted in you?


For me, this speaks to a question of validity. Sacredness is a quality of presence that spirals up through an awareness that we are all emanations of the mystery. And so, when we bring that quality to the telling and receiving of story, we see that sacredness is the subtext to all narratives. To see the sacred in our own stories simply calls for us to perceive the same subtext writ throughout the words we choose to share. It calls for us to believe in the validity of the stories that have been gestating in our dark hidden places, that have been roiling in our bellies, that have been sitting on the tips of our tongue, pleading that they be freed to find their way in the world.

And if this is something that you are struggling with, then you only have to be in the presence of other women telling their stories. Sit in circle and listen to the way other women share their words, narrate their lives. Listen to the tone of their voice, the irrepressible emotion that keeps bubbling up, the laughter, the earnestness, the grief, the relief. And if you can’t find your way to a circle, then watch something like the YouTube channel Style Like U or read books like Jalaja Bonheim’s Aphrodite’s Daughters, Terry Tempest Williams’ When Women Were Birds, Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love or Sue Monk Kidd’s Dance of the Dissident Daughter. Become an avid receiver of stories – an attentive seeker of the sacred in the words of women. And then use the symphonic weave of their words to unlock your own stories, your own words, your own sound. And as you do so, tell your stories in the knowledge that they are sacred. Because they are. So sacred.



Here I am
listening in on myself.
With my ear pressed
against the wall
to see if I can pick up
any sounds that I might then
translate into words,
which then may become sentences
promising whole stories,
whole narratives
that will help me to understand
myself, my next steps, my unfolding.
And the trick of it all is, that I’m also
on the other side of the wall
– listening in.
The self within and
the self without.

Betwixt and between.
Inside and outside.
Visible and hidden.
Silent and silent.
Listening and listening.

And yet for all this attention,
all this listening,
all I’m hearing is
the multiplication of my silence
echoing around the walls
of this house of self.

And so, here I am.
Listening for my own voice.
A voice I can only hear
if and when
I choose to let myself utter
the syllables,
the sounds,
the sentences,
the stories….

When will I release the voice I long to hear?


Amy Palko is the creatrix of Red Thread Voices – a publishing house that aims to offer a home to the voice of exiled feminine.

She is also a goddess guide, poet, photographer and lecturer whose work has been featured internationally.

Amy lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with her husband and three teenage children, in their home that overlooks the deep harbour, and the wide mouth of the River Forth as it opens up to swallow the cold waters of the North Sea.

You can purchase From Revolutionary Lips as eBook and/or Audio file. Amy’s own words about her poems are these:  Here at Red Thread Voices, we are devoted to amplifying the wild woman’s howl. Consequently, these are not pretty poems. Although many find them beautiful. And they’re not all sweetness and light. Although I suspect you’ll find them illuminating. What they are is juicy, raw, and honest… 

Learn more. Read more. And purchase From Revolutionary Lips for yourself.