Women touch, embrace, communicate. They share food, feelings, thoughts, and ideas. They praise each other’s accomplishments. They support each other in trouble. They provide sympathy for hurts, advice for problems, many kinds of mutual education. They laugh or cry together, love or quarrel, lend things, give gifts, do favors. Some find in women…the closest relationships of their lives, closer than their bonds with husbands, children, or parents… ~┬áBarbara G. Walker,The Crone: Woman of Age, Wisdom, and Power

You might read these words and be overwhelmed by gratitude for the many faces that come to mind. Or you might read them wistfully, deeply wishing such were true.

I’d invite you read them a third way: as clarion cry, aspiration, and calling.

Enable the reality you most deeply desire by creating it for others.


Who are the women you will touch and embrace, share food and accomplishments, provide support and sympathy, laugh and cry with – even today? Who are the women you will love?

My list is long. My life is rich. And I hear the call.