Once upon a time…

…there was a woman who was made in the very image of the gods.  She was strong and wise. She walked in a beautiful garden with God and a man. She was perfectly and completely loved. She was perfectly and completely trusted. This was because she was perfectly and completely special – just like you.

She could hear voices – just like you. Some were quiet and secret; inside her head and heart. Others were outside of her – in animals and trees and sky. She always listened. She always paid attention. She thought about lots of things. She understood even more. She had ideas and dreams and desires that were so very good. And she always knew she did not need to be afraid.

There was a magical tree in the garden that was filled with delicious fruit. The man told her she shouldn’t eat it. So she spent a lot of time thinking about that, trying to understand, and listening-listening-listening to the voices, especially the ones in her head and heart. One day she made a very big decision: she would do something never done before. Something brave and strong and wise. It was very important. And yes, even a little scary. (Brave and important things always are, you know.)

She took a piece of fruit from that magical tree and ate it. The man ate some too. And like magic (but not really) she became even stronger and wiser. Now she was able to leave the garden. So she did. The man and God went with her. Together they had big adventures in brand new, exciting places. But not everything was easy. (The best things rarely are, you know.) And there were days when she missed that beautiful garden with the magical tree.

But because she was so strong and so wise, because she was so special, and because she could hear voices – especially the ones in her own head and heart – she knew that nothing could be bigger or better or more important than doing the brave and amazing things she believed in. Plus, just like before, she knew she did not need to be afraid.

It’s because she ate that fruit that I’m telling you this story even now. Her brave and amazing choice is what made you possible and me and your grandmother and your great-great grandmother. All the way back to the beginning of time. She’s our greatest grandmother. She walks with you in all your brave and important adventures. And she stays with you all the time, always, even as you sleep.

That voice you sometimes hear inside your head and heart? Listen close. That voice is hers – reminding you that you are strong and wise, that your ideas and dreams and desires are good, that you are perfectly and completely loved; perfectly and completely trusted. She and her God walk with you, a million adventures are yours for the choosing, and you already and always know just what to do. Just like Eve. 

Want a fairytale of your very own? A story that is just for you – chosen for you – choosing you? Sacred Readings. All you have to do is ask.