There is little I believe in more than the power of a woman’s story.

Discover the one that speaks perfectly-and-powerfully into your story for the year ahead.


When I received my SacredReading from Ronna, I kinda figured it would come with some ancient women’s wisdom. I didn’t know it would be STEEPED in it! From the first page to the last, it spoke to an area of my life where I had substantial questions and doubts. Somehow, some way, the whole Reading addressed them all. I’m a VERY private person, so there is no way Ronna could have known what to mention or how to address it. Spirit is alive and well in her Readings making sure you get just the right message, clarity and hope at just the right time.

Lena West

This moment in time requires that we tap into the power of the women who’ve marched before us and have done the things we want to accomplished. Women need women and that’s what I’ve found in Ronna Detrick’s SacredReadings. Give yourself that gift. This woman will be your sister, your confident, your model, your supporter…

Let’s dive into their stories so that we can shed light on ours. Let’s keep their legacy so that our legacy will stay alive.

Vanessa Mentor

You know when you scratch an itch that you didn’t know was even there? That was my SacredReading, the soothing of a deep soul itch. I’ve come to expect nothing but impeccability when it comes to Ronna’s work. Her reading left me teary-eyed and truly breathless. Truth’s like that.

Tanya Geisler

I just received my Sacred Reading from Ronna. It moved me so deeply, I had to stop reading mid-way to feel everything it brought up. It couldn’t have been more ‘right’. It felt alive, exhilarating, and yes, scary in the way you know the truth has been revealed…a truth I must live.

Julie Daley

Thank you, dearest Ronna. I am completely blown away by my SacredReading. It made me cry, touched my soul and felt like EXACTLY what I needed to hear and be inspired by!! I am re-reading it for the FOURTH time already… and know it will be a constant companion. Your work is true MAGIC!!

Chris Zydel

Ronna’s gift runs deep. The SacredReading she shared with me created a monumental shift within every aspect of my being — from the physical to the spiritual and everything in between. And as if that wasn’t enough, her genuine warmth and love created a beautiful space for me to process and embrace all that she shared. She is, as her offering was, truly a gift.

Tracey Selingo

If you’ve ever had a Tarot or Intuitive Reading of any kind, you have an idea of how this works. With a deck of cards in my hand, drawn from 52 ancient, sacred stories of women I honor and adore, I light a candle, take a deep breath, then hold you, your story, your hopes and your heart in my heart. Then I shuffle the deck, cut the cards, and trust-believe-know that the woman who appears will speak − beautifully, eloquently, generously. Because she always does. I promise.

And it’s not Tarot. Nor is it intuitive. It’s grounded in my vast belief in the power of women’s stories; my vast experience in knowing how much they have to offer, speak, and compel; my vast gratitude that my story has changed because of theirs.


Your 2019 SacredReading includes:


  • A personalized and perfect-for-you 10-12+ page document that imparts the story and wisdom behind the woman who chooses you for 2019. Applicable, powerful, and relevant themes. Truths to ponder. Questions to ask. Patterns within your story that deserve your attention and intention. Ways of being in life, work, relationships that make everything so much deeper and more meaningful − and yes, YES . . . more sacred.
  • A unique and powerful blessing She speaks on your behalf. Cherish it as secret message, mantra, and personalized prayer for the year ahead.
  • Practical ways in which to incorporate Her story into your day-to-day life. Journaling exercises. Reflections. More.
  • The profound awareness that you are not alone; that you are closely and intimately companioned and supported by your powerful matrilineage − the women from whom you, me, all of us descend.
  • All of this emailed to you in time for the New Year. Overflowing with all the wisdom, encouragement, perspective, and grace you need for 2019. I promise.
  • And through 12/22, they’re $70 off – only $55! (Regularly $125)


Why these stories?


The ancient, sacred stories I know and love have too-often been told in ways that have diminished them of their worth and value. (Sound familiar?) But just like you, me, all of us, they want and deserve to be known and appreciated, heard and seen.

And so this is what I do: reimagine, retell, and redeem women’s stories.

I am hardly alone in this effort. In the summer of 2016 I had the privilege of spending a week with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run With the Wolves. We heard mythic, archetypal tales of relatively unknown women who, when understood, offered profound insight and impossible-to-ignore relevance. Those days with her, a storyteller extraordinaire, renewed my commitment to and belief in the ones I tell – mythic, archetypal, and relatively unknown women. Every one of them deeply sacred. These are the stories I offer you; the stories that speak perfectly-and-powerfully into yours.

On an intuitive zing, I signed up for one of Ronna’s SacredReadings. Surprising because my natural response to anything related to stories from the Bible is something along the lines of, “Wow the Bible sucks.” But the way Ronna unfurled the story had me in tears – epiphany after epiphany rolling in and washing over me. I am walking with a new understanding of myself and the most important ways for me to move through the world that are resonant down to the core. With this beautiful reading, and one conversation with Ronna, I feel like my life has changed.

Nona Jordan

My SacredReading was both complex and evocative. Shimmering with meaning and metaphor. As I read through it, it began to expand – and open, like a nested doll. This work is archetypal. Each layer has a deeper meaning. Ronna’s wisdom led me into my soul story where I was able to make new connections to my own life experience. Brilliant work.

Amy Oscar

Wise. Beautiful. Powerful. What more can I say? Ronna has a true gift – not only for making these ancient (and often unknown) stories come alive but also allowing them to shed light on the struggles, issues, and choices that we face very day.

Andrea Olson

Last year I bought a SacredReading when I was at a huge turning point and had no idea what a transformational year lay ahead of me. My Reading was exactly what I needed to hear to help me finally publish my book, and believe in how important my own journey is.

Meghan Genge

I purchased a SacredReading for each of my clients. Blew. Me. Away. Each are energized, encouraged, and supported by the women who chose them, as am I. Ronna brings these stories not only to life, but to immense and practical use in our lives. Deepest thanks.

Aine Dee

What I know for sure…


This woman and her story will offer you exactly what you need for 2019 and beyond:


  • Focused guidance. The major themes of your story. The truths of your character. The things you want to pay attention to now, and in the year ahead.
  • Perspective on your work, your voice, and your presence in the world. What will bring the most meaning. What’s next. How to “be” in your present circumstances. Clarity for decisions.
  • Wisdom in (or out) of relationships. Where you can draw strength and encouragement. Dynamics to be aware of. Patterns that tend to repeat, but no longer serve. The hope you can hold onto when it comes to enjoying healthy, whole relationships – with yourself, with others, even the Divine.
  • Insights related to creativity, the next steps, areas of focus and energy, and how you might renew a sense of passion, purpose, and energy.


2019 New Year SacredReadings are only $55 (Regularly $125)

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Order a SacredReading as Christmas gift:

for your clients, your sisters, your aunts, your mother,
your spouse or significant other, your daughters, your friends.

After your purchase, simply email me ( with the details. I will send it directly to the recipient – or to you so that you can present it yourself.

You might even order one for you and the other women in your world – your writing group, your book group, your wine/coffee/tea group, your MasterMind group, then gather together in the New Year to read them to one another. Be witnessed and supported in all that 2019 will hold for you as individuals and collectively!



Discover your Sacred She for 2019

The story that speaks perfectly-and-powerfully into your story for the year ahead!


I can hardly wait to see who shows up on your behalf!


She is already choosing you – longing to offer you Her wisdom – not just as it relates to 2018 and the days, weeks, and months ahead, but more, as it relates to all you deserve to hear, desire to know, and desire to be.

Believe me: She serves as dearest friend and closest guide.

How can I be so sure?

Because She continues to offer all of this and then some to me – over and over again.